Founded in 2007, Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations is a top communication agency in Romania offering consultancy and services to a wide range of businesses, from banking & finance to pharma, energy & oil, FMCG and non-profits.

We want to create a positive social and economic impact

We believe that communication can make the whole community evolve, at a time when the public has higher expectations from brands, companies and leaders. Our mission is to create a positive social and economic impact, through ideas that inspire change for the better.

Who are we?

Our agency is structured into two specialty divisions: corporate PR, coordinated by Eliza Rogalski as Strategy Leader, and Consumer PR, coordinated by Alina Damaschin as Creative Leader.


Eliza Rogalski

Founder & Head of Corporate Communication

Eliza Rogalski is one of the most appreciated and respected communication specialists in Romania. Founder of Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations and creator of several PR campaigns awarded or nominated at Effie, Cannes, Eurobest, SABRE, IPRA, Romanian ...

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Alina Damaschin

Creative Leader & Head of Consumer PR

Alina believes in the power of creativity to make people think differently and transform the relationships between people and brands. Before joining the PR land, Alina has worked in the ad land for enough years to ...

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Alexandra Radu

Communication Director

Alexandra has been in a 10 years long ( and stable) relationship with the communication industry, working for brands from FMCG, pharma, retail and IT&C ...

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Dorian Ilie

Consumer Communication Director

Dorian has a background of more than 10 years working in communication, PR & marketing, journalism and branding projects. He loves managing consumer campaigns from ...

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Want to work with us?

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