nication and all things creative we might want to meet up with you. If you are also kind and hard-working (and maybe have a good sense of humor) then we will definitely want to meet up with you.
If you think you can be a part of our team please send us your CV at and your proposal to one of the briefs below and we will get back to you
Corporate brief (Ana)
Large street protests erupt due to a recent spike in the price of gasoline, although crude oil prices are the lowest in years. On behalf of a major oil producer and refiner, please propose a communication strategy aimed at mitigating reputational damage.
The crisis in Greece deepens with no end in sight. The Romanian subsidiary of large Greek bank is facing a massive bank run. Please propose a communication campaign to dispel fears of a bankruptcy, protect the bank’s image, and regain the public’s trust.

Consumer brief (Dorian)
1. Bucharest is the sixth largest city in the EU, the home of more than 3 million people and an increasing popular destination for tourists. Please propose a creative and integrated campaign to raise awareness about Bucharest and boost its reputation inside and outside the country.

2. Even though cinema consumption in Romania has increased over the years, we are still ranking low compared to other Europeans. Please propose a powerful and out of the box campaign to stir up the interest of Romanians for movies, especially for watching films at the so called “old-fashioned” cinemas.

Digital & social media brief (Cristiana)
Anything is possible on social media.
Prove we’re right – if you want to be part of the social media team, you have to be ready to consider creativity a day-to tool, not a fortunate event.
So, make a point by planning a Facebook page for one of the following “characters”: dust, a banana, letter T, A4 piece of paper, a piece of wood, a question mark or a full stop.
Create at least 10 statuses/pieces of content and make sure the page reflects a coherent strategy and then send us your work, together with the argumentation for it in no more than 500 words.
Good luck!