When you have to promote the European Football Championship screening, among thousands of other projection in bars and café and among large international communication campaigns launched by all official sponsors, the motto “go big or go home” seems the best communication solution. And it proved to be.

One of the most common situations during football championships is: ladies and children at home, men watching the game with the buddies in a bar or café. In order to celebrate EURO 2016 together with its visitors and help families stay united, Therme decides to screen the championship on the largest screen ever set-up in Romania, right on the newly opened beach. The games could be seen right from the outside pools, while having a beer or  sipping a cocktail, alongside friends or family or, for a front row view, right from the open air theatre on the beach. Thus, while men watched the games, ladies and children could enjoy a summer night on the beach, swim in the large pools or set out on an adventure on the sliders in Galaxy.

The screening was a hit, with a  substantial increase in number of total visitors during EURO 2016 and almost 350. 000 Facebook users having seem the videos published on Facebook, two times more than the number of fans in Therme community.