We developed this video to launch “Thank you, mom, for breastfeeding me!” campaign for  SAMAS Association – a pro-breastfeeding communication campaign developed for the International World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 august). The purpose was to raise awarness about the breastfeeding benefits for mother and child as well as about the fact that breastfeeding support is a key in increasing number of mothers that breastfeed.

The video was shared through SAMAS social media platforms – such as the Facebook page and the Youtube account and gathered:

  • 8926 visualizations: 6100 on Facebook and 2826 on Youtube
  • 181 shares on Facebook
  • 223 unique visitors on campaign website page

Also, the video was also shared by the VIPs that appeared in the video on their personal Facebook profile or Facebook page: Dorin Chioțea, Daniel Osmanovici, Eli Roman, Adrian Nartea and Bianca Ioniță.