Campaign objective

Provident celebrates this year 10 years of activity on the Romanian market, an occasion to highlight the company’s achievements of the past decade by an integrated communication campaign.

Information on the campaign

The communication campaign celebrating Provident consisted of several components: Corporate, Consumer, CSR, and Internal Communication. The internal communication campaign celebrated in creative fashion the stories of the 4,000 Provident employees in Romania, and aimed at increasing the interaction between employees and their engagement with the company.

Provident organized a contest between its employees, who were challenged to write their story with the company, regardless of their seniority and position. The best stories were published in an internal newsletter. The awards consisted of 5 trips to Amsterdam. In order to generate buzz around the awards, the announcement was made in a special event that brought Amsterdam’s charm closer to home. The Amsterdam corner comprised several Amsterdam-like features: tulips, a basket-equipped bicycle, visual elements as well as a tasting of Dutch cheeses assisted by a chef.


The campaign received positive feedback from employees: for two weeks, more than 1,000 people wrote about their stories at Provident.