Campaign objective

Increasing public awareness on melanoma as the most aggressive cancer type, and informing people on the appropriate screening methods.

Information on the campaign

Starting from the assumption that if people won’t see the doctor, the doctor might as well see them, almost 2,000 people were persuaded to get their skin moles tested at a Mobile Dermoscopy Unit located in a heavily circulated area (Tineretului Park), with the help of a latest generation dermatoscope.

The campaign ended with a National Plan for Early Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Treatment of Melanoma, a document whereby patients and physicians alike proposed a series of measures establishing a national melanoma screening program – the first initiative of the kind in Romania. The plan was submitted to the Ministry of Health as well.


The 2016 campaign had the broadest media coverage so far – over 200 mentions in all media with an estimated audience of over 15 million people.

Following the campaign, 22 suspected melanoma cases were identified and 48 suspected cases of other skin cancers were immediately referred to specialist physicians.