Completion date: April 2018


Project: Functional Eggs Launching


Launching 2 unique types of functional eggs – The Kind-Hearted Eggs, naturally enriched with Omega 3 (Ouă Inimoase) and The Big-Eyed Eggs, naturally enriched in Lutein (Ouă Ochioase)

Information on the campaign:

Together with relevant journalists and with one of the well-known nutritionists in Romania we launched, in September 2017, two revolutionary types of functional eggs. The event took place in Lumina, Constanța, where we showed them the entire process, from how the laying hens are fed, to the final product and packing.

Adi Hădean and Taticool were the first bloggers who had tried the functional eggs and had written about them, highlighting the nutritional benefits.


Large media coverage, with an estimated reach of 4 million people.