Campaign objective

Popularizing immunotherapy and positioning it as a step forward in the fight against cancer and making public health authorities more open to reimbursing this type of innovative treatment.

Information on the campaign

Several immunotherapy-related breakthroughs were announced, in a first for Romania, by BMS company in a press conference where oncologists presented in a live broadcast from Chicago several studies and the results announced at ASCO 2016.

The messages of the press conference were complemented by a broad editorial strategy that involved several publications with a strategic role, to explain immunotherapy and popularize it both among the general public and the professionals in healthcare institutions and the administration.


The communication campaign had very good coverage, totaling 50 mentions in all media, of which 3 in TV prime time news reports, and 11 mentions in radio newscasts, with a total audience estimated to more than 8 million people.

All communication reflected the key messages, positioning immunotherapy as a new paradigm in the treatment of cancer, thanks to the revolutionary results recorded in the treatment of advanced skin, kidney and lung cancer.