Campaign objective

In 2015, Regina Maria Healthcare Network celebrated 20 years of activity in Romania, an occasion to launch its new organizational identity – new values and a new employee assessment method. The objective of the “Better than Yesterday” internal communication campaign was to familiarize the employees with the new identity and the new procedures.

Information on the campaign

The main campaign instrument that helped set the company’s new image in the employees’ mind was an internally distributed booklet describing the five values of the company and the competencies model in a creative, visual and easily understandable way.

The internal booklet also announced a series of internal contests grouped in several categories: the People of Impact Awards, the Excellency in Management Awards, the Continuous Learning Ambassadors Awards, the Successful Teams Awards.

The announcement of the new model of values and competencies was initially made by the management, in an internal forum. Later, the managers informed their teams on the new organizational models, with the internal booklet a useful instrument to facilitate communication.


The campaign received positive feedback from employees, who appreciated the fact that the new identity had been communicated  in an understandable, creative way, as opposed to corporate jargon.