Screenshot 2015-09-06 12.14.52How can you mix German spirit with French sophistication? How can one inject the romantic spirit of a Parisian coffeehouse into a talk about technological innovation? These questions were the subject of the launch campaign of the new Carte Noire coffee by Tassimo, the smart coffeemaker.

The goal of the campaign was to convince journalists, influencers, and the general public that the experience of having coffee at home can be “upgraded” to feel like drinking one in a sophisticated French bistro on the banks of the Seine. All these, of course, by using the smart German Tassimo coffee maker and the Carte Noire coffee, one of the most beloved premium coffees in France. Under the overarching “Café Noire” concept, inspired by the mysterious old French movies, we created a communication campaign that unfolded in two steps – a teasing stage and the launch itself.

Screenshot 2015-09-06 12.15.08We started by sending journalists and bloggers a cryptic invitation in the form of a page from a French newspaper that featured a story on an enigmatic Mr. T., an influential French businessman who was about to visit Romania and whose presence in Bucharest was about to upset the capital city’s social life. In the text, among the strands of the story detailed in several articles we placed clues about the campaign launch event (the date of a mysterious party Mr. T. was going to host, the time he would be seen in Bucharest, as well as information on the location). The mysterious newspaper was delivered to journalists by a team of masked assistants of Mr. T., who weren’t allowed to disclose information. The impact of this invitation was immediately noticed online, where the #cineestedomnulT (“#whoismrT”) hashtag quickly started to gain popularity.

The launch event was styled on the same French mystery theme, following the “Café Noire” communication concept. The location of the event, Maison 13, was transformed with the help of an eerie but sophisticated setting into a French bistro seemingly out of a film noir, with touches of mystery and elegance.

Also, to faithfully reconstruct the atmosphere of a true French bistro, a team of mimes introduced Carte Noire on the stage while Tassimo baristas showed journalists how they can completely transform the experience of having coffee at home with the help of a smart coffeemaker.

  • 30 social media posts before the event launch, under the #cineestedomnulT hashtag.
  • Over 30 reports in print and online media, and in blogs (business, lifestyle & IT&C media)
  • Total reach: 1.005.632 impressions generated on the Carte Noire launch by the Tassimo brand.
  • In the second quarter of 2014, smart Tassimo coffeemakers sales were 15% up over the same period of the previous year, exceeding the original target by more than 50%.