75% Romanian women diagnosed with breast cancer are reaching mastectomy stage due to late detection and it is very difficult to obtain a mammary prosthesis. The absence of one breast is not only an aesthetic problem, but it can cause a pressure on the spine and after a long time it can cause shoulder and back problems


Every year, Casiopeea Association organizes pink march and marathon, where all participation fees are invested in breast prostheses. 2016 edition was held under the #scarswithstories concept, where eight bloggers told us the stories behind their or others scars and talked about the importance of a mammary prosthesis in post-mastectomy recovery process. Ellie White, singer and ambassador for pink cause was there to support the participants. She was together with her family at the finish line waiting for the winners.


Over 3.000 participants at marathons

Over 10 companies involved in Corporate Challenge and SME race

Over 500 participants at Family March

Mammary prostheses for over 300 women who had a mastectomy surgery

The subject had a large coverage in online publications, blogs but also on TV and radio.