PROJECT: CEZ brand image campaign


The development of the brand within a new area of ​​communication comes as a result of the knowledge gained during the 13 years of activity of the Group on the local market. The personification of the #HOME comes in the context in which the company’s operations focus on their clients and their homes, to bring to their attention these spaces for which the Group provides the energy needed for everyday life. #Home is where the CEZ brand evolves and innovates through personalized electricity and natural gas products inspired by the current consumption trends.


Strengthen & continue to differentiate CEZ brand territory within the energy market

Continue to “humanize” the image and increase emotional connection with the brand

Increase brand awareness at the national level

Integrate brand and product communication under one single creative idea


We create and own the “home” brand territory in the category, to reinforce CEZ image as a people-oriented brand. The mission of the campaign is to show the family life seen from the #HOME perspective, a space that lives and shares the same emotions with family members.

Campaign Idea: #IamHome

Your home is a member of your family, not a place. Once you live in a place for a while, even if it’s only rented, it borrows your energy. From “a place”, it becomes your place. I becomes “home”. It develops a personality, it grows to have an energy of its own. That energy comes from you, the people who live inside it.


We started off by conducting a survey in order to find out what do Romanians thinks about #HOME. According to the study “What does Home mean for Romanians”, 6 out of 10 Romanians associate the house where they live with “the family”. Most respondents attribute feelings of “safety” and “quietness” (45%), “joy” and “comfort” (30%) to the home. The bedroom is the most loved room, and the family meals are the most important moments from #HOME. We developed 3 commercials: #IamHome (brand), CEZ Confort (electricity), CEZ Gaz (natural gas).

The campaign featured a TV commercial, followed by: a Social Media campaign (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) +YouTube + Bloggers, OOH, POS info (CRCs), radio, press, internal communication.



1.941.000 reach

28.000 interactions

13 media articles