In our constantly changing world the most beloved brands are those built with heart. These are the real, sustainable ones, and their foundation is solid when they are anchored in truth and human values, not in mere advertising.

Therefore, we looked for inspiration for CEZ Romania’s first brand campaign both inside and outside the company and found that the employees themselves, their passion for the profession, and their motivation to be useful and appreciated by the community represented the key asset of the company and the main brand differentiator. Thus, we uncovered their heroes and we build a TV campaign putting face to face CEZ heroes and great Romanians: Ilie Balaci – a football legend, Dumitru Prunariu – the first Romanian to fly in space, and Ticu Lacatusu – the first Romanian to successfully climb the Everest. The “Energy comes from the people” campaign showed in three TV spots, internet clips, and dozens of street billboards the full complexity and difficulty of the professions found in the Group’s operations in Romania, as well as the human qualities of CEZ employees.

Immediately after the launch of the brand campaign we opened a new channel to communicate with consumers, via CEZ Romania’s Facebook page, social media, and bloggers, which help us to constantly feel the pulse of the community and closely follow its needs. In addition to that, we created an intranet page so that the life and work stories of the people at CEZ could be heard, applauded, and keep being an inspiration to others. We are happy we had privilege to develop this campaign starting from the people who bring energy where it is needed every single day.