Completion date: June 2018

Client: CEZ Group in Romania

Project: CEZenificare- 100 Days of Wellbeing

The first employee well-being program of the CEZ Group in Romania


2018 was the year when the CEZ Group in Romania launched its first bespoke employee well-being program, in an attempt to emphasize the commitment that company has towards its people, its care for their personal development and work-life balance.


  • Increasing employee loyalty and retention
  • Increasing employee engagement towards company initiatives
  • Generating WOM among employees & external audiences
  • Creating the premise for a strong, reliable employer brand.


CEZenification – 100 days of wellbeing is program centered around a series of nutrition and movement workshops which enable employees to change their lifestyles for the better, deal with stress and prevent diseases and affections.
The whole flow and content were created based on the participants’ needs, by analyzing the answers from their application questionnaires.


During the 100 days of wellbeing they were subject to, the 50 pilot-program participants benefited from:

  • Nutrition, movement and cooking workshops held by trainers Raluca Mihaila (nutritionist) and Roxana Lupu (sports trainer), with celebrity guest appearances by program ambassador Liviu Popescu (HoReCa entrepreneur), who performed a live cooking show, and Corina Bernschutz (tea maker), who explained the recipe of the CEZenification tea blend.
  • Targeted personalized newsletters after every workshop.
  • A graduation ceremony for the participants.
  • Advice for Wellbeing clip – a motivational video shot with CEZ Group employees.
  • Special deliveries:100 Pieces of Advice for Wellbeing – bespoke Advent-style calendar, that included 100 inspirational notes, one for each day of the program.
  • Physical activity monitoring bracelet.
  • A bespoke tea with a recipe especially created for the program participants, based on their needs.


  • Over 100 registrations in just 2 days, making this the internal program with the best response rate.
  • All 50 employees graduated from the program.
  • Life-changing testimonials from participants & requests for replication.