Approximately 18% of women confessed they were assaulted at some point in time, with 93% of their aggressors using physical force and 16% of them using a knife or another kind of weapon. In the previous years, 800 women died in Romania as a result of this social phenomenon. Despite this, there are only 53 shelters for victims of domestic violence in the country.

Considering the above, together with Estuar Foundation, Pretuieste Viata (Cherish Life) Foundation and its ambassador, Andreea Marin, we launched the „Choose to be respected” campaign, to support vulnerable and socially excluded groups, such as abused women or people with disabilities.

In the long run, we decided to initiate some actions in order to enhance the dialogue with social partners as Save the Children or Child Helpline Association. Pretuieste Viata Foundation facilitated equal access to employment for abused, emotionally disturbed, or disabled people, giving them the opportunity to attend training courses and to interact with psychologists, legal advisers, or doctors. 600 victims received counselling services and dozens of victims attended the courses.

The campaign was designed to increase the awareness of social issues faced by vulnerable groups and to increase media coverage, inspiring journalists and opinion leaders to write or talk about it.

The final stage of this project was the Dignity Gala event. During the gala, 15 abused and emotionally disturbed people were celebrated for their courage to take steps towards a normal life by choosing the services of the “Choose to be respected” project. The posts about the event had over 59,644 impressions and 1,609 direct reactions on Facebook in just a week (clicks, likes, shares, and comments). Also, the YouTube ad campaign for the event had over 35,191 impressions and approximately 1,818 visits on the “Alege Demnitatea” YouYube channel in just three days.