Completion date: July 2017


Project: Courage book

Campaign’s objective

We wanted to promote in a creative way and with a long-term impact, the submitted stories in the “Culegătorii de curaj” app, launched in 2015 by Piraeus Bank and Courage Romania community.


While in the country are less than 300 bookstores, 42% of 15 years old Romanian students are functionally illiterate, which means that the youngsters know how to read, but they are not processing the message and don’t know what they are reading.
Starting with Piraeus Bank philosophy “You are the true value”, Courage Book is the first book for children inspired by real events. It promotes the courage of ordinary people who make simple gestures, but which are creating an impact in their community. They can be role models for children, starting from an early age when their personalities are developing, as an alternative to classic heroes with supernatural powers which are moving away from reality.

With Progress Foundation support, the book was launched live on Facebook and simultaneously in over 15 libraries in Romania. Book lovers across the country listened to sories of courage read by children in 5 libraries in the Gaudeamus Fair.


The launching registered a large media coverage, given its specific: 40 online media appearances, 16.243 total minutes watched in live posts (interviews and launch) and over 45.839 video views with a total reach of over 120.000 views opportunities.