Completion date: October 2017

Client: Romanian Secularist – Humanist Association

Project: Bucharest Science Festival 2017


Although they are conscious of the benefits of scientific thinking, Romanians are not “friends” with science. This was the main conclusion of an online survey realized by Bucharest Science Festival before the festival opened its gates for the general public. 1 from 10 Romanians believe Earth has a plane form, something which is crystal clear, and 2 from 10 Romanians think the Sun goes around the Earth. The research showed also the level of medical knowledge: while almost 90% of Romanians know how the HIV virus is transmitted (through blood and sexual contact), 58% think the antibiotics destroy viruses.


Generate awareness for the only science festival in Romania and bring closer to science the general public.


Media coverage from the generalist, cultural and scientific media, obtaining a high reach.


The concept was Education through science.


The festival debuted with a press conference, announcing the theme and main attractions. This edition’s central event was a conference held by a senior advisor of the European Space Agency, as well as a press visit at the world’s largest laser, at the Magurele Physics and Nuclear Engineering Institute.


Large media coverage – 30 media articles (National Geographic, Dilema Veche, Hotnews, Mediafax, Scena9, EuropaFM,, etc.) with an estimed reach over 4 million people.