Completion date: April 2018

CLIENT: Distributie Energie Oltenia

PROJECT: Electrician Apprentice


Distributie Energie Oltenia leads and supports the educational program in high-schools, a program facilitating access to information related to electricity which leads to better prepared people to occupy jobs of electricians in the future.


Increase the number of registrations in the program

Positioning DEO brand as a generator of a attitude change towards the concept of craftmanship

Raising teachers’ interest in promoting technological high schools and recommending them to their own students


A CSR initiative that enabled Distributie Energie Oltenia to support the development of special electrician classes in 2 Romanian vocational schools, by purchasing equipment and educational resources, providing scholarships and internship opportunities.


Job of the future – being an electrician means a lot of future opportunities.


The eight grade graduates who wished to pursue a career in the energy field could apply for one of the available specializations in Targu Jiu and Craiova. Once they were accepted in energy classes, the pupils benefited from last generation laboratories, monthly scholarships worth 200 RON, additional to those provided by the Ministry of national Education (they were offered to the top five pupils with the best results), internships practice in Distributie Oltenia’s installations and personal development sessions.


100% positions occupied in the first year.

A new project class launched in 2017 and one in 2018, bringing the total to 4.