Completion date: December 2017


Project: Go Healthy

Campaign objective:

Increasing public awareness on a healthy lifestyle and creating an emotional brand connection, positioning Floriol as a sunflower oil that gives us not only the vegetable fats but also Vitamins and healthy acids.

Information on the campaign:

Together with Larisa Petrini, one of the most well-known certified lifestyle coaches in Romania and Ela Crăciun, one of the most famous bloggers, we started a unique and customized lifestyle programme for 6 women from Unisol’s and Ela’s communities. They had individual meetings with Larisa and she supervised and encouraged them step by step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Larisa and Ela also shared their tips and tricks with the entire Floriol community, through short videos about basic nutrition, weight loss and healthy diet tips and tricks.


Higher brand awareness among influencers (bloggers and journalists)

Increased presence on digital, PR and social media

Higher brand affinity through increased emotional connection with the target audience