Food waste is a serious problem today. On average, Europeans throw away about 24% of the food they purchase for the household. When we talk about this we take into account the waste of natural resources used for food production, such as water and energy. Worldwide, it is estimated that food waste from Europe and the USA could feed 805 million people suffering from chronic starvation.

food-4-1324994In order to sustain the efforts for reducing food waste, the European Commission has been organizing since 2009 The European Week for Waste Reduction, which in 2014 was held between 22-30 November. Concerning food waste, the initiative developed over 9,000 actions for public authorities, private entities, schools and citizens looking for an eco-friendly and smarter standard of living. The event is part of the biggest Awake Generation programme that promotes the sustainable use of natural resources and encourages perceiving waste as a valuable resource.

Raising awareness about the food waste problem and supporting the efforts for reducing it; raising awareness about the Awake Generation programme and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources

The communication campaign was promoted in the online media – the main media channel. Each month we created a folder containing useful information and statistics in the process of increasing awareness about food waste.

Also, taking into account the communication timing, the journalists were periodically informed about measures to reduce food waste and the most damaging habits to the food economy.

We chose a business that was representative for the “green” economy of Romania, turning it into a press story. We gave entrepreneurs a positive example from Romania, thus proving the green business can bring ample rewards.

After the first two months of the communication campaign we had already generated 25 articles in the online media, with over 2 million opportunities to see.