It is said that behind every real man there is a powerful woman. In our case, the Bergenbier Organization of Romanian Men was helped by an army of well prepared women to communicate in the subtlest way.

From the very beginning, the main challenge of the brief was to support a brand idea well established in the mind of the consumer: Bergenbier is a beer brand whose mission is to sustain the friendship between men and genuine masculinity. In 2012, Bergenbier decided to make this mission more visible by launching the Bergenbier Organization of Romanian Men – an initiative that aimed to gather authentic men around an informal identity.

In order to develop the image of the organization and make it credible, the Bergenbier Organization of Romanian Men’s press office (a.k.a. Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations) developed a three-step communication campaign:

Increasing Bergenbier Organization of Romanian Men’s brand awareness

glass-of-beer-1-1545703With its coherent marketing strategy over the years, Bergenbier enjoyed notoriety among target consumers, and more. On the other hand, the Bergenbier Organization of Romanian Men was a brand challenge that needed to be correctly communicated and explained to consumers.

At the beginning, the goals of the campaign were to explain the main reason this organization was founded and to act as a catalyst in order to recruit members for the organization.

Due to the fact that the campaign was communicated informally, the Bergenbier Organization of Romanian Men shared the same idea. A survey revealed what made men’s life beautiful and what their dream jobs were. Among these were sports cars or soccer, and dream jobs such as Quality Beer Analyst or modelling trainer.

The key journalists and bloggers chosen to support the rights of the organization received the conclusions of the study (in the form of infographics) as well as the press release announcing the launch of the Bergenbier Organization of Romanian Men.

Soon after, the Bergenbier Organization of Romanian Men launched the rankings of “men-friendly” cities. The study was developed in collaboration with Daedalus Millward Brown and evaluated the biggest cities in Romania taking into account the relevant criteria for the campaign’s target, like: available sport and green areas for outdoor activities, the number of existing gyms or single women. All in all, the Bergenbier Organization of Romanian Men identified a city ranking where men had the best quality of life, sustaining an genuinely manly lifestyle.

The Yellow Bergenbier Book or the vote for the “informal” organization of Romanian men

While thousands of men became members of the organization, they initiated the first “informal constitution” of men, meant to gather friendly laws for a manly lifestyle. Proposals such as “one day per week when men can do anything”, “men do not use diminutives” or “on Man`s Day, women will not be able to say no” entered on the list with the most voted resolutions in The Yellow Bergenbier Book, together with the most surprising law: Men deserve statues! All of these resolutions were submitted to the voting majority. The next step was to proclaim the most popular rules on “Man`s Day”, the main campaign event.

In order to maintain a friendly way of communication, Times New Roman website became a media partner for the Bergenbier Organization of the Romanian Men, proposing laws and rulings written in The Yellow Bergenbier Book inspired by men`s wishes.

Men deserve statues! – how the bravest beer in Romania built The Statue of Romanian Men

One of the main advantages of the campaign was its flexibility, an element well publicized when Mediafax announced that the “men deserve statues” resolution is the most popular in The Yellow Bergenbier Book. Moreover, the members of the Bergenbier Organization of Romanian Men specifically requested that this right be displayed on a huge banner on the stadium, during the half-time break of a football match. The banner shortly went viral and was seen by 3,800 users on video-sharing platforms soon after its release. The banner was also shared on Facebook by 500 users.

After this, Bergenbier announced that the most unusual resolution of The Yellow Bergenbier Book will become a reality. So, the resolutions proposed by consumers during the campaign became a pretext for communicating the latest surprise from the brand: a new visual identity emphasizing the idea of manhood and true friendship between men, the main values of the brand.

The Bergenbier Organization of Romanian Men campaign involved a creative communication strategy which retooled the classic PR tactics (press release, research, events) and used them to convey a friendly message addressed to men. On the other hand, we used guerilla PR tactics such as the activation done on the football arena and innovative strategies – sustained communication through infographics and media partnership with the Times New Roman website. In the end, the campaign convinced the consumers, the journalists and the bloggers, the latter becoming accomplices and honorary members of the organization. The campaign’s message was very well received by the media (over 160 news reports on TV, in print & online media, and on the radio), reaching over 8,700,000 people. In social media, the message generated over 256,000 impressions and over 20,000 reactions on Twitter and Facebook.