In this crazy world we live in, we rarely find the time to pay attention to the people around who teach us everyday lessons through small acts of courage and bravery. We wanted to change that and let everybody know that courage is a part of our life and that it can have a billion definitions, depending on each and every one of our own experiences.

With Courage Romania (Curaj Romania), which is Piraeus Bank’s CSR Facebook page, we had been building and following this goal for some time when we decided it deserved to be taken to another level. Being inspired by all those projects, startups, NGOs and associations initiated everywhere in Romania by creative people that don’t always end up on the front pages of newspapers, we launched Courage Gatherers (Culegatorii de Curaj), a Facebook app devised to gather in the same place the most courageous Romanians and their stories.

Designed as a “Book of Courage” containing the most inspiring and motivating stories of bold and strong people were written, the app had 6 chapters, each standing for a field which the protagonists brought a change to or influenced for the better: Education, Health, Entrepreneurship, Sport, Culture, and Social Environment.

We spread on the internet the news that the “Book of Courage” was ready to be written by anyone who wanted to bring a great project to light, to help a smart initiative to become better known or just to make a thankful remark about someone special in their life. We gave the project its own hashtag #CulegatoriiDeCuraj (#CourageGatherers) and encouraged everyone to become a Courage Gatherer themselves.

Least, but not last, during the three months the app was active, our enthusiastic writers received weekly awards, chosen to celebrate bravery, and some other prizes rewarding courage: parachute jumps, inspirational books to build up their courage and a rafting trip to Nera Gorges.

Most importantly, in the end, beyond the 70,000 impressions and hundreds of votes received by all the stories, we collected 60 strong stories for our “Book of Courage”, written by people paying a tribute to all those courageous people around them, and accomplished our goal: to make as many people as possible seek out the small, good, bold changes we all make every day.

In the end, we proved that courage is not a rare quality, that only a few chosen ones have, but rather a strong trait that needs to be appreciated and sought all around us.