The launch of METRO’s e-commerce platform, Metro Online Store, was one of the projects in which you are asked for “some PR articles” and to deliver “the soul of the PR” and engagement with the target audience, in this case young entrepreneurs and freelancers who were active on social media, whom we invited to “test” the new online store in a different and unexpected way.

The campaign was built on a powerful insight: the comfort of the office is defined differently for each company and for each manager or even employee. Some are unable to organize their agenda without the post-its that remind them about their meetings, some of them do not sign important documents unless they have their favorite pen, and others cannot organize their ideas without the musical background provided by their favorite earplugs, while others seek inspiration in their favorite coffee cup. What do we need to feel good and be productive at work? Without what objects is our office life dull and unproductive? Without what objects cannot we survive at the office? And this is how we found the concept: “Survival Kit @ The Office”.

The communication strategy sought to open online conversations about the comfort of the office, about how important and especially about how easy it is to get started with METRO Webshop, without sacrificing time, effort, and money.

The strategy was thus divided into three stages:

Opening the dialogue: launching the invitation to Romanian internet users to make their survival kit at the office and talk about it, inspired by visiting the new METRO Webshop.

Supporting the interaction: for the second phase of the campaign we chose the most substantial survival office kits, the most surprising and the most creative ones, and we put them to a vote, in order to demonstrate that there is a range of office equipment essential to most employees and employers.

Occupying the territory: being the first Cash & Carry retailer to open an online discussion about what every office needs, in the last phase of the campaign the messages aimed to strengthen the positioning of METRO as a supporter of comfort in the office and to lay claim to the territory of “office products that balance benefits and effort.”

To implement the idea, we chose three community representatives of entrepreneurs as the main online voices of the campaign and brand ambassadors, with the influence and power to stimulate conversation and gather relevant communities around the supported brand: Cristian Manafu, Victor Kapra, and Alexandru Negrea. We challenged the three influencers’ communities to visit the METRO Webshop and make their survival office kit on a budget of EUR 100, and then justify their choices in the comments. Finally, the most popular office survival kit by METRO became the prize offered to the author of the most compelling comment.

Campaign Results

Nearly 2,000 new visitors of the METRO Online Shop (at the invitation of one of the three bloggers), who have spent between 2 and 3 minutes on the site, a very good retention rate proving their interest to purchase the items needed for office, for comfortable and efficient work.

The campaign’s messages reached 30,000 Romanian internet users in a month of campaigning.

Over 230 people were involved in open conversations around the subject “Comfort at the office”, generating a total of 2,000 direct links to the Metro Online Store.

Almost 400 people have shared their campaign’s messages with friends on social networks.

Over 8,000 people were actively involved in the process of picking winners and voted their “favorite office kit”.