Client: Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Project: Raiffeisen Bank rebranding campaign – It is time to put responsibility into the light
Completion date: September 2018

In 2017, Raiffeisen Bank Romania conducted an „inside out” research process to identify its strengths and weakness’, seeking to uncover existing truths about the bank which could be amplified. Following the findings, Raiffeisen Bank decided to shift its brand signature from „We Succeed Together” to „Proper Banking” and to launch a national debate about responsibility: of individuals, of brands and, ultimately, of society as a whole.


Strengthen Raiffeisen Bank’s reputation by communicating the new brand promise „Proper banking, with common sense”
Raise awareness for the campaign slogan, „It is time to put responsibility into the light”, among the bank’s core audience
Create a positive feeling among the target audience with regard to the new positioning


Regardless of what is written on our business card, social status or CV, each and every one of us has responsibility and common sense flowing in our blood. We decided to use the „power of 1” so we could bring to light personal responsibility to create responsible communities.


Internal audience. Firstly, we approached bank’s employees and challenged them to create the definition of a “responsible banker” and also wrote together The Responsibility Manifesto. Afterwards, we interviewed Raiffeisen Bank’s Board Members and developed the “7 Definitions of Responsibility” video.
External audience. We conducted a national research to learn how Romanians perceive themselves in relationship with responsibility and how they perceive the society as a whole. The poll’s results, together with the new campaign „It is time to put responsibility into the light”, were revealed during a press conference.
Online audience. As part of the national research, we found out that Romanians believe that responsibility is relevant for occupations such as doctors, judges or teachers, but less relevant for jobs like journalists, writers, artists, security or cleaning personnel. We therefore decided to challenge nine top Romanian bloggers and vloggers to discover the stories behind „responsible professions” and launched the Responsibility DNA campaign.


Almost half of Raiffeisen Bank employees participated in the internal poll
7 in 10 employees accessed the Responsibility Manifesto on the internal platform
The „7 Definitions of Responsibility” video became relevant for the external audience as well and was viewed 9,2k times.
Over 70 press articles (TV, print, online, blogs) about the launch of the rebranding campaign, which generated an estimated audience of 5,789,010 OTS`s.
1 in 3 people present in social media were involved in conversations related to responsibility
The articles & videos written by bloggers and vloggers as part of the „Responsibility DNA” campaign reached an audience of 3,453,039 and were shared by over 20.000 people on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)
1 in 5 top Facebook most popular stories shared by Romanian banks in 2018 was about the #RESPONSIBILITYDNA campaign