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Around 400 new cases of cancer in children and young people are recorded each year in Romania. Cancer, a disease occurring less often in children than in adults, is however a major cause of death among children and teenagers. For the past few years the Beneva Association has been running “Iulian’s Lemonade” project, through which the organization sells lemonade to provide cancer-stricken children with things that make life easier for them: medical devices, food, and small treats.

Given that the cause of children who suffer from cancer needs permanent support and despite the wide public concern over these children, the donations are still not enough. Together with the Beneva Association we brought key public figures on board, as well as opinion leaders, stars, but also journalists, who all acted as one for the benefit of children with cancer. The Gaudeamus Book Fair was the perfect opportunity to bring people together around a seemingly simple, but very visible gesture: juicing lemons and selling lemonade.

Screenshot 2015-09-06 11.55.33The campaign objectives were to raise awareness of the cause of cancer-stricken children, but also to increase the public awareness of “Iulian’s Lemonade” project, as well as to involve as many public figures as possible in the project and disseminate their messages of support for children suffering from cancer, and encouraging donations.

The campaign was designed to highlight the need for voluntary funding of the “Marie Curie” Hospital in Bucharest, which treats children suffering from cancer. A ton of lemons were juiced during the four days of the Gaudeamus Book Fair, making it the largest lemonade marathon ever held in Romania. The 1,000 kilograms of lemons that were juiced and offered as lemonade to the visitors of the fair were donated by Regina Maria Private Healthcare Network. The event was attended by Andreea Marin, Anda Adam, Cristina Cioran, Bianca Ionita, Carmen Negoita, Florentina Opris, and designer Mihaela Drafta.

The most important private TV channels, among which Pro TV and Antena 1, reported on the event to an average prime time aggregate audience (when the news reports were broadcast) of over three million viewers. At the end of the marathon, over 5,000 euros were raised in just two days and later donated to the children’s oncology department of the “Marie Curie” Hospital in Bucharest. Beneva Association’s investment in this campaign was zero lei.