Skyfall, the James Bond film that arrived on Romania’s big screens in October 2012, gave us the opportunity to play a spy game with some Romanian bloggers and celebrities. In collaboration with the movie’s distributor, Forum Film, we prepared a special release, for those who had the abilities of a secret agent and were eager to experience for a while on their own what it is like to accomplish thrilling and dangerous missions.

Because Mr. Bond is unbeatable at hitting his target at the first shot, dodging obstacles while driving, unraveling mysteries, and especially at charming women with his elegance, we invited 10 participants – two celebrities, four bloggers and the three winners of our Facebook contest, to experience a day as James Bond, and live life as intensely as the well-known secret agent. Of course, the final challenge was to solve a mystery and complete the mission.

The 10 participants took their secret agent roles very seriously and trained thoroughly for our Bond missions. They braved climbing and abseiling, practiced shooting targets, and eventually managed to solve the mystery and track down the most dangerous enemies. While they skillfully drove the exact replica of movie car models through obstacles, they all kept the charm, elegance and humor that define the famous agent 007.

In the end, the competitors successfully passed the perspicacity test, using their Bond movies knowledge to defuse a bomb.

At the end of a day full of adventures, suspense, and successfully accomplished missions, we invited them to enjoy a dry Martini, as the real Bond often does, while, of course, previewing Skyfall, one of the most awaited movies of that year. They finally found out if Mr. Bond had been as good as they were at solving puzzles.