Client: Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Project: Money Bistro educational financial platform
Completion date: March 2019

According to Standard & Poor’s Financial Literacy Survey, Romanians rank last in the European Union when it comes to financial literacy, with only 22 percent of them that can understand financial concepts, such as risk management, inflation and bank interest. On the other hand, more than half of Romanians use a bank account, which means that most of the population can’t digest financial education concepts.


Translate boring financial terms and concepts into fun video lessons in order to raise Romanians’ interest into financial education


Romanians may lack financial knowledge, but they are more interested in having a healthy lifestyle. Thus, using daily life cooking associations we explained blank economy concepts in known, easy-to-understand terms. The financial subjects were translated into 3-minute-video informational snacks, taught in a relax, bistro-like atmosphere by a friendly host.


The Money Bistro is a ten-episode video series, where various personalities are meeting to share their advice and experiences for a healthy financial life. Available on website, the first season is hosted by the TV star Andi Moisescu, along with economists, chefs, food bloggers, journalists and entrepreneurs. They told about how they set money value, why they treat inflation as money’s “muscle fever”, how they stock “vitamins” for the emergency pantry and when they afford “guilty pleasures”.

On the platform, people can also watch educational videoinfographics meant to explain money’s and economy’s worth, but also in-depth interviews with the 10 special guests of the first season.


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