Campaign objective

Launching a new product in the Nurofen range, aimed at children: Nurofen Junior 7+, an absolute innovation on Romania’s pain reliever and fever suppressor market, aimed at the treatment of children aged 7 to 12.

Information on the campaign

The product communication was non-branded. The campaign was strategically supported by, and executed on behalf of, the National Society of Family Medicine.

The need for such a product was confirmed by the results of a nation-wide study conducted on the parents of children aged 7 to 12, who said they have real difficulty in treating colds and pain in children, since there is no pain reliever or antipyretic that is appropriate for this age group.

The messages of the PR campaign (non-branded) were tightly correlated with the media campaign (branded).


The communication campaign had very good coverage, totaling 112 mentions in all media: TV, radio, press agencies, the online media, the print media, with an estimated audience of over 8 million people.

Educating the public on the proper treatment of children aged 7 to 12 with the help of a relevant and credible KOL – SNMF.