The dialogue with the media in Timis county has been one of the most telling examples that “by the book” implementation of “old school” PR tactics is the best option when one wants transparency and a constant, open dialogue with the community.

oilThe prospecting operations in search of oil and natural gas conducted by NIS Petrol in several oilfields in Timis county were communicated to the local media first through a round table, where journalists were invited to ask all questions they might have had about the issue. The top management of the company provided them with all the answers, including answers to very technical questions – which were provided by specialists with many years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. The company’s initiative was a very brave one, and was unanimously appreciated as such by the journalists, especially that the general context was not particularly helpful at this stage of the debate: in the summer of the previous year Romania had experienced a peak of activism against prospecting and everything related to the search for natural resources of any kind, a surge generated by the aversion to the projects initiated in Romania by Rosia Montana Gold Corporation and Chevron.

01 Logo Nis pozitionare landscape-01Once the dialogue at the local level had been opened, the collaboration with the press was maintained: interviews followed, as well as answers to the questions posed, invitations to live shows, with all the information publicly displayed.

To prove a truth that specialists often espoused – namely, that prospecting works are non-invasive and can impact neither public health and safety, nor the environment -, after over three months of field operations the journalists were invited to the oilfields where the company had been operating. The field visit – where technicians were able to demonstrate how a 30-plus ton vibrator works (which journalists literally climbed, in order to feel the vibrations with their own feet), and showcased the stations and the technologies used in prospecting – is also part of the “old school” PR arsenal, where live demonstration and experts’ explanations can dispel any myth. In addition, this provided the opportunity to take that image that’s worth more than 1,000 words, so coveted by TV cameras and photographers.

Beyond the relaxation and ease that company officials gained when confronting the media, the communication objectives were achieved: the journalists saw it with their own eyes, and walked among specialists. And then they wrote about what they had seen with their own eyes, they conveyed accurate and honest information communicated by the company, and only seldom have they afterwards published unsubstantiated information spread by various uncorroborated sources.

Moreover, through this communication policy, one that delivers open, interesting, and engaging information for journalists, together with NIS Petrol we have broken new ground in the relationship with the local media in Timis county and other areas as well.