The passion for biking and running of over 300 participants in Oltenia’s Marathon – the biggest sports event in the region, organized by CEZ Romania at Ramnicu Valcea – turned into reality the dream of several children to continue their studies. Thus, the 10,000 lei collected from the participation fees to the 2014, August 30-31 event helped Ana Maria and Dorina, two high schoolers from Ciresu village (Mehedinti county), to continue their studies. CEZ Group in Romania collected and funded two scholarships for each of the girls, covering expenditures with transport, accommodation, meals, teaching materials, uniforms, and clothing.

Screenshot 2015-09-05 22.41.51Beyond the fulfillment of a dream and the social responsibility side of the event, Oltenia’s Marathon powered by CEZ became at its second edition one of the most important sporting events in the region. This is also because the sports bloggers who took part in the running and mountain biking races promoted both the competition and the social cause supported by CEZ. And they were happy to run one of the most beautiful routes in the country.

The communication idea was simple, but effective: the three bloggers invited agreed to lend their support to the social cause, and even more, actively participated in the marathon, the MTB and running races, posted pictures and insights while en route, both on social networks (Facebook and Google+) and on their sports-centered blogs. How better to talk about a competition than by participating in it, or by connecting to the emotions it arouses?


I haven’t done this so far – taking part in a competition on two consecutive days, in two different races: biking and running, but I’m breaking the ice now, and on Saturday and Sunday, on 30 and 31 August, I will take the start at Oltenia’s Marathon, a mountain biking and running event held in Zavoi park in Ramnicu Valcea. I’m participating in Oltenia’s Marathon at the invitation of CEZ Romania, part of the group of the same name, one of the most powerful energy producers, distributors and suppliers in Europe.

Emilian Nedelcu, biciclistul.ro


Last weekend I entered my first trail running race in Oltenia’s Marathon, powered by CEZ Romania, and I only wish to ask myself this: why the hell haven’t I tried this so far?! (…) You have to try this some time! I felt like the first time I went into a forest on my bike, just like when I fell in love with sports and there was no turning back.

Roxana Lupu, adrenallina.wordpress.com


They hurt themselves, tipped over, got injured, won in the general race or in their age category, reached the finish line in two or four hours, abandoned or managed to complete their first marathon, entered the park cheered by the crowd and got on the podium, or were simply pleased with a day of sport, just as they like it. All these people have contributed to two girls going to school.


Screenshot 2015-09-05 22.41.43