Client: World Vision Romania

Project: #OneTOOMany campaign
Completion date: September 2018

Romania is no. 1 on maternal mortality rate in entire Europe (14.5 deaths at every 100.000 births). Our country also ranks first place in the EU at teenage girls that become mothers. 1 in 4 women in the rural area does not have a Health Insurance and thus lacks access to health services. A woman in Vaslui county (rural area) has to travel approximately 8 km to reach the recommended medical services. 1 in 5 women does not go to a doctor while being pregnant.
And all of these are ONE too many.


Increase mass public engagement through storytelling and bring women experiences closer to Romanians.


When a mother dies, her family is split. Her children have fewer chances to attend school, to eat well and be vaccinated. Her children have fewer chances to safely grow up and survive. When a women become disabled due to the complications arising from childbirth she has lower chances to support financially her family, to participate in the community and to educate her children. Because a healthy mom raises a healthy society.


Under these thesis, we challenged three bloggers to visit vulnerable families from rural communities, discover their stories and bring women experiences closer to Romanians.
We also challenged team of journalists to leave their desks and the internet and meet real women in order to better understand the data behind the statistics related to maternal mortality. In isolated villages, journalists found mothers who gave birth to six children at home, unassisted, while other family members were sleeping.
On the launch day, the documentary „The secret lives of our women” was named the viral of the day in the Romanian publishing. Women’s struggles to access medical care raised conversations around online audience and national press.
All the content and stories documented by bloggers and team were published on platform.

  • “The secret lives of our women” documentary was the viral of the day in the Romanian online publishing on July 17
  • More than 810,000 people saw the video on Facebook, and 88,925 – on Youtube
  • The article on the site was read by over 90,000 unique readers
  • The video-documentary was included in the “Superscrierile lunii” newsletter, a monthly newsletter curated by Friends for Friends Foundation, as one of the best Romanian journalistic materials
  • Influencers and opinion leaders shared the documentary spreading the information on women’s situation
  • Estimated online audience – 8,694,000 OTS