If we were to place under a single designation the events we organized in 2014, this would be a large, brightly colored, fully automated, and as flexible as possible umbrella. There were no two similar events, nor did we want it so: every brand around which we coalesced communities of journalists, bloggers or consumers communicated its personality and philosophy in its own way, through all components of the event, from the setting to the performances.

Tassimo sent a mysterious Mr. T. to personally invite journalists to the launch of a Carte Noire coffee in Romania, and Paula’s Choice invited the opinion leaders who were interested in beauty products to talk about the secrets of a glowing skin, in a restricted, invite-only setting.

Desigual summoned all easygoing people to a morning half-naked party, as a sign of support for freedom in dress style, and Swimathon called on stars to go swimming to sound the alarm on a less known, but rather common condition – psoriasis. Skin company showed that cooking at home can be at least as flavorful an experience as that of a dinner at one’s favorite restaurant, and launched a series of revolutionary machines, which turn home cooking into something simple and delicious. And we’ll stop here, or we could go on for pages and pages about these events; as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Seminaked party - Desigual

Seminaked party – Desigual

Swimathon: Noaptea Inotatorilor

Swimathon: The Swimmers’ Night – Dana Rogoz lends her support to the cause of psoriasis-stricken people