omniasigThe number of traffic accidents caused by heedless pedestrians continues to be exceedingly high. Failure to comply with traffic rules, jaywalking, and ignoring traffic lights are but a few of the causes of fatal accidents. In these circumstances, although the number of children involved in road accidents is decreasing from one year to the next, the percentage of victims is worrisome.

To prevent the occurrence of accidents and to curb the number of children victims, children must know and understand how road rules work, the meaning of traffic signs, the importance of traffic lights, and the signals of the police officer at the junction.

Screenshot 2015-09-05 23.14.40Therefore, we decided to hold a training course for children where they would learn the main traffic rules. The structure of this course involved both theoretical aspects and also a lot of practice, with the participants being tested and awarded prizes for the knowledge they acquired. The highest prize at stake: The “Pedestrian’s License”.

Omniasig, together with Bucharest’s traffic police, hosted at Baneasa Shopping City commercial center a marathon course in road safety education. Inside a perimeter arranged to look like a junction, two traffic police officers lectured the children and simulated real-life traffic situations.

For six hours, over 150 children took part in road safety training courses and went home with a well-deserved “Pedestrian’s License”. Seven kilograms of candies, hundreds of flyers, company representatives, dozens of thankful parents, 360 minutes of interaction with the little ones, 10 road signs, one traffic light, a zebra crossing: these were the ingredients of a successful activation, which has reached both its educational objectives and the awareness target for the Omniasig brand.

We were happy to see that the participants were much more open and interested in traffic rules than we had expected. The high number of children who took part in the courses convinced us that such a project should take the shape of a road show.

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