heart-shadow-1188483February became known in popular tradition as the month of love, uniting two holidays so adored by romantic couples in Romania: Dragobetele and Valentine’s Day. There lay a new opportunity for Liberty Center, a small shopping center in southern Bucharest, to strengthen its relationship with nearby residents, offering them an alternative to enjoy these special moments in the proximity of their home.

To stand out among other shopping malls that are bigger and better positioned, but who were targeting only couples at that time of the year, the approach was to create new opportunities not only for lovers, but for those who had not found their perfect match and were certainly secretly dreaming about that special someone.

The creative idea was to create a character, a love specialist with a solution for everyone. On February 24, “the Loventologist” was the main character of two themed actions: “The Love Mailbox”, a mailbox addressed to lovers who did not dare to confess their love and also a free delivery service for anonymous love letters, and “The Color of Love “, a unique compatibility test for couples.

At the beginning of the campaign, we conducted an online survey which showed us that 50% of Romanians secretly love someone, without ever confessing their feelings. The study results and the unique idea of ​​the events have attracted the media’s attention, so we had a good exposure in print media, in online, on radio and TV. Televisions channels made on-the-spot stories, presenting various love stories in writing. Also, three of the most moving love stories made the subject of an article in Click for Women magazine.

Over 400 love letters with valid addresses were delivered by the end of the event by Liberty Center and about 500 couples interacted with the Loventologist and were tested for compatibility. The Liberty Center visitors were involved in a series of events that brought them a lot of smiles. Also the event was publicized in the targeted channels and reached a large audience, exceeding the initial estimates.