Completion date: May 2018

Client: CEZ Group in Romania

Project: Socio-economic impact report (12 years of activity)


In May 2018, CEZ Group in Romania launched its first socio-economic impact report, an thorough and comprehensive analysis which focuses on the company’s evolution in the 12 years of activity on the Romanian market.


Growth of retention rate of clients and employees
Positioning CEZ Group as partner of community transformation
Employer branding
Strengthening reputation and differentiate of CEZ Group

Campaign idea

The overall communications umbrella concept was meant to show the company’s mark / fingerprint on domestic sectors such as the GDP, the group’s employees, investments in CSR projects and renewable energy.


Following this concept, in order to communicate this report in a more attractive manner to CEZ Group clients, we developed a web app – the CEZometer – which was meant to each users face and calculate (based on national averages provided by the National Statistics Institute) each person’s impact on the Romanian society.
People took the challenge, used the CEZometer and invite their friends to join in on the fun!


The CEZometer platform has generated over 3,000 personalized profiles.


try CEZometru here