All summer we traveled (in our mind), along with Heidi chocolate fans, to the dream destinations proposed by Heidi SummerVenture: the Amazon, the Caribbean and the French Riviera. Thus, we imagined that we were having coffee on a chic terrace on the French Riviera, that we were spending our week-ends exploring the Amazon jungle and the free days sunbathing in Cuba.

On the day we selected the dream holiday’s winners, we decided to offer all who had joined the campaign the chance to travel by thought, taste and views to all three destinations. So we brought the atmosphere of the three countries in Heidi  ChocoWorld and we arranged a relaxing Caribbean corner, a wild Amazonian, and a chic French one. We invited all those who had joined the campaign and were with us on Facebook to Heidi’s world and we greeted them with a Polaroid camera and chocolate molds,  ready for unusual combinations of ingredients.

The participants entered the holiday atmosphere immediately, happily taking photos in all three destinations, and then entered the island of Heidi ChocoWorld in order to transform, by imagination, their dreams of traveling into chocolate bars with savory ingredients. 4 hours and 150 tablets later, the island remained in the hands of Heidi chocolate makers, ready to test new recipes for future Heidi limited editions.

The participants found out who among them were the lucky ones who would go on vacation in Varadero, Sao Paulo and the French Riviera, and some of them went home with tempting prizes like a supply of Heidi chocolate for a full year, fresh chocolate or vouchers for DIY chocolate-making seminars.

Heidi ChocoWorld became the offline meeting place for Heidi SummerVenture fans, gathered online by the passion for delicious and surprising chocolate, and became a home for the future travel dreams of all participants.