CEZA new trend in the life of companies is to refocus their values and organizational culture, with an emphasis on employee satisfaction. Successfully managed companies must have a clear view of their employees’ personalities and skills, in order to find out how to subsequently capitalize on the potential of each of them.

In 2014, CEZ Romania, the main electricity provider in the region of Oltenia, carried out for the first time a survey across the company. Although the purpose of such a survey is to understand how employees relate to the way the organization operates, the biggest challenge is overcoming their reluctance to respond openly and honestly to questions about the company’s work environment. One of the company’s fears was that because of the small number of respondents the results of the survey might be inconclusive. The target set by CEZ was to get answers from 75% of all group employees. To help the company reach this goal, the agency found a creative way to show employees that CEZ sincerely wanted to hear their views.

How could all these be achieved? Through accurately and carefully communicating the objectives of this internal survey, of which the most important, in a practical sense, supports employees by improving work relationships. During the first days of the survey, CEZ offices in the seven counties where the company operates played host to a sampling campaign.

Screenshot 2015-09-05 22.47.08The target? Over 1,400 employees of the group, who were visited by a team of 40 field agents, specially trained to offer them all a relaxing break and give each one… an orange. Each fruit bore the message: “Take a break! Have an orange and fill out our internal survey!” Thus, this was a novel invitation to the employees to answer openly and in a relaxed way the survey questions posted on the intranet, while the agents were ready to provide all the information on how the poll would be conducted, about confidentiality of answers, and the importance of participating in this research.

The orange sampling proved a success, since about 50% of employees had already participated in the survey just in the first week after its launch. At the end of the research period, the initial target had been exceeded by almost 13%.

The information campaign was also supported by conventional materials, posters that read “CEZ only works with your help”, letters from the CEO that underscored the objective of the action, the confidentiality of answers, and the existence of further measures to address unsatisfactory aspects. Also, each employee who participated in the survey had the opportunity to enter a draw and win one of the three tablets offered by the company.