Completion date: April 2017

CLIENT: Romanian Editors Union

PROJECT: Textbooks Publishers


On the World Education Day, signatories of the Education Right Appeal, teachers, parents, textbook authors and pupils attended the Round Table “The Right to Education starts with freedom of choice.” The debates’ main message was that the decision of Minister Liviu Pop, to exclusively transfer the task of editing textbooks to a single state-owned publishing house, it will represent a setback to all of the democratic processes that have happened in Romania in the past 25 years.


Appropiate activation of entities that can stop the unique publishing project to print textbooks

Positioning the REU as an equal interlocutor of MEN in the discussion on manual editing rights


2 months campaign to promote the idea of multiple textbooks for the students and pupils in the pre-university studies. “The Right to Education” was the headline of this campaign, aiming to inform and educate general public, teachers, NGO`s, publishers and authorities about the risks of using an unique textbook/discipline, published only by a state publisher.


Defend the right to education!


The digital communication and the involvement of important spokepersons from education and mass-media contributed to the spread of messages related to this issue. The campaign had a facebook page and attracted a social active community who launched an online petition and engaged supporters.

Articles published on the basis of the press releases sent to the media undelined the position of the Association. A special event dedicated to the Education Day (5th October) gathered KOL, journalists, publishers, teachers and students for a round table about the unique textbook project.

The team also contacted and wrote letters to the national and European politicians and stakeholders interested in topic. A large public debate was generated and continued during the 2 months campaign, including important lawmakers from all parliamentary parties.


6,841 mentions (tv, print, radio, online, sm)

110,847,000 reach (media coverage)

36,000 persons impact (Facebook page)