PROJECT: The Oltenia Marathon Soundtrack


In 2017, the Oltenia Marathon powered by CEZ reached its fifth edition. The event which brings together people who love sports, nature and which want to get involved in the community needed to celebrate this milestone by bringing something new to the table, while showcasing the fact that, with each year, the experience gets better and better.


To draw attention towards the marathon’s fifth edition;

To reach a new pool of audience – people in the 25-40 age group, who were less familiar with sporting events and who could turn the Oltenia Marathon into their first competition;

To position CEZ as a consistent purveyor of innovation.


We created the first song ever to be based on the heartbeats of sportspeople.


A premiere for sporting events – the official soundtrack of the Oltenia Marathon has been inspired by the heartbeats of sportpeople


The participants to the MTB pre-riding tour – Martin Zmelik, Country Manager of the CEZ Group in Romania, Carmen Bruma, TV journalist, and the two bloggers which support the event – Roxana Lupu ( and Emilian Nedelcu ( – wore wristbands that tracked their pulse and the data collected from these wearable devices was downloaded and analized by artists Raul Kusak and Electric Brother, which used it as a source of inspiration to create the official soundtrack of the Oltenia Marathon.

The soundtrack was used in the following communications means:

  • in the video marketing strategy, as the soundtrack of the pre-riding tour clip – which was meant to showcase the trails;
  • in the confirmation emails sent to those who registered for the competitions;
  • internally, as the music was available for download to CEZ employees.


In the first 5 days from the launch:

500,000+ Facebook views;

25+ materials in the online press.