At the end of 2012, Romtelecom, the leader of the land-line communications market in Romania, was looking for an idea that, in one month’s time, could spark online buzz around its communications solutions and its customized service packages for homes. Research carried out before the campaign confirmed that although Romtelecom enjoyed high brand awareness, younger people were not familiar with the company’s customized packages offering, that included phone, television and internet services.

To prove that Romtelecom’s technology and integrated service packages can meet any needs, we devised an online live experiment, the first of its kind attempted in Romania: the 3Play HOUSE. Two beloved internet personalities, both bloggers and celebrities, Cabral Ibacka and Vlad Petreanu, each representing one of the target groups, were “locked up” in the 3Play HOUSE and had three days to convince the audience watching them live online that they can meet any challenge thrown at them in real time by means of technology, without even leaving the house.

Before the start of the experiment we publicized the campaign through an unique story that got wide coverage in all media: Vlad Petreanu and Cabral Ibacka, two family men, are moving together! In the week before the start of the experiment the website recorded over 2,000 valid challenges. Thus, with thousands of web surfers watching, the two learned to dance Gangnam Style, speedily bought fresh milk or balloons for the baby they were taking care of, delivered pizza to homeless people or configured a cheaper route to Bangkok.

Campaign Results

Post-event research showed that the 3Play HOUSE campaign had scored extremely high on the awareness scale, being associated by 96% of respondents with Romtelecom, while 65% linked the campaign with the company’s customized integrated services offering. The campaign also increased by 5% the awareness of Romtelecom’s integrated services and reached a large proportion of non-subscribers (63%), thus creating new business opportunities. In just 20 days of the campaign over 350 articles and references appeared in the media and on social media platforms, generating over 6 million impressions. 20,000 unique visitors spent 926 hours on, while the site was accessed 70,000 times. Estimated ROI was 1:6.