Completion date: May 2017

Client: Universal Robots

Project: What managers think about robots and automation


Executives and entrepreneurs increasingly rely on automation and robots to drive up output and cut costs, as companies face growing difficulties in finding qualified candidates to fill jobs.


Increase Universal Robots awareness

Expand visibility in industrial/logistics press

Underline the association between collaborative robots and SMEs


Launching a study to show that by increasing industrial automation in Romania, the companies and the employees will prosper: it will preserve jobs, make room for wage raises and bring in higher revenue.


Human-robot collaboration is the dominant trend of the following years.


We launched a study to find out the ideas & thoughts about the human-robot collaboration trend. The study results were revealed in a press release which registered a high coverage in media.


50 online news

7 Facebook posts

More than 10.000 AVE

Audience – more than 250.000