Whenever we face the writing of a press release, our goal, the goal of all PR people, is to deliver quality content to the media, something to pique the interest of journalists. But what do we mean today by relevant content and newsworthy information?

The online and print media, television, radio, and even social media are the usually targeted channels. Every time clients want to be visible in the media, our primary role is to provide relevant information to the general public. This strategy also worked in the case of a press release written for Provident Financial, the largest non-bank financial institution focusing on payday loans. But, since a plain financial service is no longer interesting enough, we took things to the next level!

Infografie ProvidentBetween July 14 and 21, 2015, we conducted an online survey for Provident Financial Romania on a sample of 700 people, to find out what Romanians would do if they had 10,000 lei. What would they do with the money? The results of the survey have shown that there is a real need for loans of up to 10,000 lei, and that a transparent approach and open communication rank highly among what Romanians expect from a financial institution. Therefore, we have written a press release highlighting two major topics:

  • What Romanians would do with 10,000 lei, if they had this money today in cash
  • Provident launches the first monthly repayment loans and doubles the maximum amount that can be borrowed, up to 10,000 lei

The result of data processing showed that if they had 10,000 lei in cash, well over a third of Romanians would spend it on home repairs, 31% of them would repay their loans, and 30% would set the money aside. At the same time, one quarter of Romanians believe that under the present circumstances they would never be able to save 10,000 lei; a similar proportion (25%) believe that this would take them 2 or 3 years, while one out of five Romanians says they could save this much in 5 years’ time. Smartphones were last year’s most important purchase for 20% of the respondents, followed by home appliances (14.4%), notebooks (13.2%), and cars (11.5%). These data are interesting for the public and for our client, because it is through our research that we were able to link the discovery that Romanians are interested in loans of up to 10,000 lei with Provident’s initiative to introduce in their portfolio loans ranging between 6,000 and 10,000 lei, with monthly repayment. These data underpinned the creation of a telling infographic that revealed Romanians’ most important needs at that time. This has proven to be useful to journalists and was used as a main illustration in most stories that appeared in print. After carrying out media monitoring we found that this press release had been successful, since it was reported by most national publications as well as local outlets, both in print and online. Therefore, intelligent communication proved to be truly effective communication with the general public. Through this press release, not only was our message relayed by the most prominent business and economics publications, but our client gained visibility in all the media, from radio to the social networks.

So, these are the lessons we have learnt here: before issuing a press release we must take into account some specifics – our relationship with the media, the quality and relevance of content, and especially the public’s interest in the subject matter.