Heidi Chocolat, one of the largest manufacturers of premium chocolate in Romania, opened in 2010 its first concept store in Bucharest (Chocoworld), a place where premium chocolate lovers were able to create their own chocolate recipes. Since it was located in a less accessible area (the Pantelimon district), visitors needed to be brought in to Chocoworld by daring events and approaches. An in-store survey showed that visitors appreciated the fact that the concept store valued their creativity and individuality, by offering them the opportunity to create something unique, carrying their own signature.

In February 2013, Heidi had to find an opportunity to shine the spotlight both on its own brand and on the Chocoworld store, standing out in an overcrowded market filled with special discounts and Valentine’s Day campaigns.

Tactical objectives were aimed both at increasing Chocoworld’s awareness and at boosting the number of visitors by 25% versus the previous year. We were targeting a younger audience, creative and passionate, for which we had to generate a newsworthy event. Thus “The biggest chocolate heart in Romania” was born, an event meant to talk about Heidi’s desire to give consumers novel tools of expression.

Heidi Chocolate Heart

To make the “the biggest chocolate heart” almost half a ton of chocolate was needed, which was molded into a huge heart, more than two meters high, by 10 chocolatiers and technicians who worked for a week. To attract the attention of the locals who were making last minute preparations for Valentine’s Day, a week before we had revealed the Chocoworld chocolate heart. Press agencies, TV stations and newspapers have carried over our message and Chocoworld turned into a Mecca for chocolate lovers. Hundreds of couples came to the store to take part in the inauguration event and committed in chocolate their love of each other. For their passion and involvement Heidi rewarded them with seminars where couples could create their own Valentine’s gifts. The success of the chocolate heart prompted the company to extend the campaign until early March; thousands of visitors came to Chocoworld during these weeks, leaving love dedications for their mother or significant other, and attending seminars where they learned to create their own chocolate. Also, six bloggers took further the Heidi campaign, inviting their readers to participate in Chocoworld seminars on how to create a gift for a loved one.

Campaign Results

The campaign generated 42 minutes’ worth of TV news reports and segments, 65 articles in the online media and blog posts, that made 3,520 visitors enter Chocoworld store in February alone, generating a 150% increase in the in-store traffic.