CEZEach year, CEZ Romania holds at the end of September its annual meeting of the top management of the group’s five energy production, distribution, and supply companies. In addition to the main objective of the event – discussing development paths and the ways for the group to grow in the next period -, this management meeting is also a good opportunity to test the brand’s clout in internal communication and to strengthen the bonds between employees. The challenge of every such meeting is to involve those present – general managers, operations managers, top managers and department heads – to work together within the framework of a novel activity.

Together with our partners from CEZ, we wanted this year’s management meeting to be challenging both from the point of view of implementation and employee involvement, so the event involved the use of an impressive amount, of gigabytes’ worth, of general knowledge. More than 150 questions were created for what was to be the CEZ version of the “Who wants to be a millionaire?” contest.

Presenter Virgil Iantu and the show team re-created for CEZ top management the “Who wants to be a millionaire” show with all its features, although slightly customized in order to involve all 90 participants. The rules adapted for this event involved forming nine teams of ten contestants each, represented by one delegate who was also designated to sit in the contestant’s chair. The start order was random, decided by the presenter according to the excitement and the atmosphere in the room. The first delegate to take the “hot seat” would have to answer correctly the five questions asked and was allowed not more than one minute for each question. Each contestant had the right to consult with his team members to give answers as accurate as possible. In addition, the contestants were also allowed to use lifelines, just like in the televised format: “Jump the Question” and “50-50”. Each question asked represented a step that unlike in the TV show, where it meant winning a certain sum, brought much more creative awards in the CEZ competition. 1st step – the “Diddly-Squat” Award. 2nd step – the “Welcome to NeverNeverland” Trophy. 3rd step – The “What Goes Up Must Come Down” Check, plus an extra challenge. 4th step – The “First Two Prizes Withdrawn for Lack of Funds” Check, but recognition shall be granted for the smooth performance of the team in this team building exercise.

Screenshot 2015-09-05 22.20.08Although the awards were only a cheerful show, it was enough to boost the competitive spirit of each team and create an open, laid-back and animated atmosphere.

The feedback received matched the effort put in. The 150 questions referred to details about Romania, the energy industry, the Oltenia region where CEZ operates, about the company itself, but also about the most interesting things to know about the most important people in the company. The internal competition and the management meeting were certainly out of the ordinary, and some unexpected questions even produced several inside jokes that will undoubtedly remain in company lore, bringing employees together.