After 5 years of financial crisis, state officials were announcing in early 2012 a timid recovery, but the number of overdue bank loans and missed utilities payments was a topic constantly making its way into the public agenda. By pinpointing an important insight – that it is the women who make decisions on the family budget – and capitalizing on the winter holidays, an opportunity for many to liquidate their debt, the campaign has brought back on the public agenda the issue of timely payments of financial obligations, in order to strengthen the brand awareness of KRUK Romania, position it as an industry leader and increase the number of repayment agreements signed with debtors.

After the 2011 educational campaign, it appeared that another step was needed: to determine who really is the family’s accountant and provide them with the necessary tools. Socio-psychographic data resulting from the analysis of the KRUK Romania database and online research showed that 50% of Romanians keep track of their budget and the women fulfill the role of the “house accountant”, but have no specific home accounting tools at their disposal. So we replaced the traditional “napkin notes” on which every housewife settled accounts with an Anti-Debt Agenda and an online application, supplementing them with tips and useful information.


We launched the campaign with a press release about women’s responsible financial behavior and by partnering with budget planning online platform. This was accompanied by a PR kit: Anti-Debt Agenda with a budget planner, an event planner and financial terms dictionary, as well as a CashControl card. Also, at the same time we launched the “Daily Anti-Debt Advice” section on the website, as well as an online application with the same name on the iVox Facebook page. Afterwards, we organized an open-door event to give journalists the opportunity to hear the stories of debtors and of those that settle them daily at the KRUK Contact Center in Targoviste. On November 17 we celebrated the Day without Debts through a new press conference that brought new, important data for the entire target audience, by releasing the “Romanians’ Debts at the End and the Beginning of the Year” study.


Campaign Results

  • A total of 148 articles published or broadcast within 40 days of the campaign, 100% positive or neutral references, reaching 7.5 million people in the target audience.
  • A media audit surveying key journalists showed that 80% of them considered the campaign messages useful.
  • The 60 anti-debt tips posted on Facebook were viewed by over 20,000 people.
  • During the campaign the number of signed payment agreements increased by 50% over the previous months.