The Implementation Plan of the Youth Guarantee 2014-2015 program was adopted by the Romanian Government through a memorandum in 2013 and entered implementation on 1 January 2014. Considering that it is a relatively new program in Romania, it had never been communicated to the target group – young Romanians between 15 and 24 -, so the public’s knowledge on the opportunities offered was similarly very scant.

Specifically, the Youth Guarantee program aims to ensure that all young people under 25 years old who lose their job or who cannot find a job after graduation will receive, within four months from registering at the employment offices or at centers of youth guarantees, a good quality offer for employment, for continuing their studies, for going into apprenticeship or for an internship. Our major objectives were to make the program known among young people and encourage them to enroll.

Our objectives: Increasing the number of young people registered at AJOFM/ANOFM (national and local employment offices); raising awareness and knowledge of the Youth Guarantee program to encourage young people to register; launching a national debate in the media and social media on the opportunities provided by the Youth Guarantee program, and on the issue of youth unemployment in Romania and the available solutions.

The project was developed through a mix between media channels and messages delivered by video blogging, social media, and via an information booth installed at relevant events targeting young people. The campaign was designed to highlight the opportunities provided by the Youth Guarantee program to young people aged between 15 and 24, and to engage them in a direct dialogue.

The communication campaign was officially launched on 8 April, through a press conference broadcast live from Victoria Palace by all national TV stations, in the presence of the prime minister of Romania, Victor Ponta, the minister of Labor, Rovana Plumb, and the vice-president of the European Commission, Valdis Dombrovskis.

Video blogger Mihai Zmenta was a key element of the campaign; the message he posted on YouTube in which he told young people about how he had found his first jobs, and in general about his life philosophy about work, aroused the interest and curiosity of tens of thousands of young people who follow him, and sparked an entire conversation both about job-related matters and employment opportunities in general, but in particular also about the Youth Guarantee program. The video had an organic reach of close to 100,000 views.

One of the most successful components of the campaign was the Facebook page, which not only coalesced a community of almost 9,000 young people who directly interacted with the program, but worked as a true communication channel for talking directly with them via private messaging. Overall, we have responded to more than 300 messages, and had a lively dialogue with nearly 100 young people who shared with us, through our page, their fears and frustrations related to securing a job in Romania. We have encouraged them all to enroll in the program and to take advantage of what it offers.