Alexandra has been in a 10 years long ( and stable) relationship with the communication industry, working for brands from FMCG, pharma, retail and IT&C sectors. Being a part of the RDPR team from its very beginning, Alexandra shares the belief that hard work and good insights are the definition of creativity and efficiency. Alexandra specializes in ”enthusiasm-generating ideas” for her clients, with a  focus on brand building, communication with all key stakeholders and  creative content building. A graduate of International Relations at National School of Political Sciences, Alexandra is also a Young PR Lions Finalist at the Cannes Lions 2014 competition. For her clients, Alexandra has won awards and been nominated at multiple  local and international competitions, among which SABRE, European Excellence Awards, Romanian PR Award and ADC Ro Awards.

In her spare time, Alexandra is a true Game of Thrones fan ( and a passionate believer in the R+L=J theory), a multiple board games enthusiast and an eager traveler.