Client: Raiffeisen Bank Romania


In 2018, Raiffeisen Bank launched the pilot edition of factory by RAIFFEISEN BANK, the company`s first online financing competition, dedicated to start-ups. In 2019, Raiffeisen Bank wanted to make the program more attractive to the entrepreneurial community, thus positioning the brand as one that supports the start-up community. However, promoting this program came with several challenges, such as low awareness among Romanian entrepreneurs, the fact that Romania was going through a period of political turmoil and fiscal changes, plus the general perception that it would be difficult to obtain financing for one`s business idea.



The challenge consisted in both raising the program`s awareness and increasing the number of registered projects by 50%. Therefore, we knew that the creative concept should not lack an emotional touch when presenting the advantages of participating to the online competition.


Stories from the factory

The first step was to conduct a national research about Romanian entrepreneurship, to discover the drives and motivations of entrepreneurs and create a real overview of the struggles of starting your own business.

This study offered us an overview upon the way entrepreneurship is perceived by Romanians, and helped us establish the creative concept: „Stories from the factory”. Considering our objectives and the public`s overall perception about startups, this concept allowed us to emphasize the fact that factory by RAIFFEISEN BANK is a program that finances dreams.



The communication campaign started with a visual representation of the key findings from the research, which was sent along with a 2D animated video that detailed the program. Afterwards, our strategy was to focus on explaining the concept of the program and on creating occasions to interact with previous program winners. We used the “show-and-tell” strategy for social media, turning former participants into Ambassadors for the program and sharing their insights and knowledge on how the program helped them develop their business.

We figured out a way of having a more targeted comunication tactic as well. We made a list of 50 successful businessmen and journalists to whom we sent a #DeliveryFromTheFactory: a box with products from emergent businesses, previous winners in the first edition of the program.


The last phase of the campaign comprised of organizing factory Gala, the event dedicated to the winners. We wanted to innovate the concept of Gala, so we gave it a twist: we turned it into a Pitch Day. This would not only make the event more dynamic, but it would help participants receive ”on the spot” mentorship and guidance from experts they could not otherwise reach. Nevertheless, we continued to “show and tell” the benefits of the program by organizing a Factory Fair, where the entrepreneurs had the chance to display their products.



The number of submitted projects increased by 400%, wich ended up with 300% more financed projects and 300% more accounts created in the platform.

Moreover, our digital strategy reached 832k people, while more than 20 generalist and business online publications, with cumulated OTS of over 1,3 million people, covered the competition.