Jazz Communication and the Romanian Ornithological Society, the Natura 2000 Coalition Federation and Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations have received a Gold Lion in the category Entertainment for Music – Use of an Artist as a Spokesperson/Ambassador in Partnership with a Cause at the 2016 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, for the A Voice for Songbirds campaign. This is the first when unaffiliated Romanian agencies and independent artists receive this distinction, all the while entering only one campaign, in a single category, thus marking the onset of the offensive of independent agencies that have the creativity, energy, and experience to have an impact on the society as a whole. Andreea Ilie, a mezzosoprano at the Banat Philharmonic in Timisoara, gave a voice to the cause of the songbirds of Romania and was the campaign’s ambassador.

The campaign awarded at Cannes Lions was initiated by Jazz Communication and the Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR) and led in record time to the hunting law being amended to impose either a total ban or massively cutting the hunting quota for several bird species that are a symbol for Romanians. Through a creative use of music, the campaign created public pressure, so that the politicians would pay attention to the requests of the civil society, at a time when other issues than the hunting law were on the public agenda.

We are thrilled that a real, simple gesture, that such a great cause came to fruition. We’ve said it and we’ll say it again: if all creatives in the industry chose a cause, a personal offense etc., and tried to find a solution for it in the real world, then maybe the world would really be a better place. This is the power of communication done from the heart. There is a lot to do and a lot we can do ourselves. We don’t even have to look too much, as these stories are among us and we are already living them. We would like to thank the people who believed in our cause and the people of SOR and Natura 2000, who want to make a difference in and for Romania”,

said Andreea Ghenoiu, Group Creative Director, Jazz Communication.




The campaign immediately resonated in the national and international media, which threw their unconditional support behind the whole enterprise, thus making a general interest story for the Romanian public. The campaign received five awards at Romanian PR Award, as a shining example of creativity and efficiency used for immediate social impact.

Online, the campaign focused on the www.salveazaciocarlia.ro website, where visitors were able to sign a petition, share video and audio material, and download the trills of Romanians’ most beloved songbirds.

The campaign also ran in social media, with several artists adopting it and joining in supporting it.

Following the campaign, the amendments proposed by environmental NGOs to the hunting law were adopted, and the Ministry of the Environment cut the skylark hunting quota, while some songbirds were completely excluded from the hunting list.

The campaign was possible by the dedication and involvement of some special people who believed in the cause. First of all was mezzosoprano Andreea Ilie, without the voice of whom we wouldn’t have been able to lend a voice to Romania’s songbirds. Andreea Ilie was brilliantly accompanied by the girls of the Sierra String Quartet.

Then, there was Film Factor and photography director Tudor Mircea, who brought the story to life. And the people at Pukka, who took care of site programming.

Prior to the Cannes Festival, the campaign was awarded at Webstock, Internetics, PR Award, and Golden Hammer. It was also among the best films on bestadsontv.com in April 2015 and in the top of 2015’s most popular and appreciated ads on adsoftheworld.com.

The campaign in figures

  • Over 300,000 views of the video spot on the Hotnews.ro platform
  • 15 pieces of news and news reports on TV & radio, of which one prime-time news report on Pro TV
  • 129 pieces in the online media and on blogs
  • 16 mentions in print media
  • 9,047 signatures for the online petition
  • 11,822 unique visitors on www.ro website
  • Over 35,000 views of the spot on YouTube
  • 2,368 Facebook shares
  • 92,408 organic reach of the Facebook page
  • 293,205 impressions on the Facebook page over a single a month
  • A zero budget, supplanted by a lot of energy and dedication on the part of initiators and partners

Jazz Communication team:

Valentin Suciu – Creative & Director

Andreea Ghenoiu – Group Creative & Copywriter

Raluca Matei – Senior Art Director

Irina Pencea – Strategist

Mario Niculae – Illustration

Rogalski Damaschin team:

Eliza Rogalski – Head of Strategy

Alina Damaschin – Creative Leader

Dorian Ilie – Communication Director

Cristiana Andrei – Social Media Director

Cristina Lica – Media Relations Consultant

Cristina Șterbeț – Media Relations Consultant

Gabriela Gârjoabă – Media Relations Consultant

Sorin Barariu – Media Relations Consultant

Andreea Adam – Social Media Consultant