The bet was simple: Cabral Ibacka (TV host) and Martin Zmelik (CEO of CEZ) wanted to drive the Renault Zoe, the electric model in CEZ’s fleet, on the Bucharest-Pitesti highway (about 120 km) on a single charge. On their way, the two shared the anxiety of running out of battery, as well as the comfort of a battery-powered car and the actual joy of reaching their destination well within the battery’s capacity.

The challenge was twofold: challenging the future of the automotive industry and Romania’s electric car infrastructure. On the one hand, the car itself proved it can easily cope with interurban transportation, thus maximizing the scope of its use. On the other hand, the experiment provided the perfect context for the CEO of CEZ to elaborate on the company’s current status and future plans regarding the needed electric infrastructure. As of 2016, CEZ has built two charging stations, in Pitesti and Craiova. There are plans to expand the network in cities such as Targu Jiu, Drobeta or Alexandria, and plans for Bucharest are underway. CEZ’s car fleet makes use of several hybrid and fully electric vehicles, used across the company in a carpooling scheme. It seems that the best brand ambassadors are its very employees.